Cornerstone Masonic Lodge #157
  202 SE 84th Ave.
  Portland, Oregon 97216

Laying the Foundation of our Masonic Family.

Cornerstone Masonic Lodge #157 is chartered by the The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Oregon.

We support youth organizations, such as Mt. Hood Chapter, International Order of DeMolay and Bethel #1, International Order of Jobs Daughters which provide opportunities and education to the future leaders of our country.

Our facilities are available for rent to adult organizations, either scheduled regularly or for individual community events. Contact our Building Manager for calendar openings and rates.

Lodge Secretary    
  Joseph Watson email: phone: 503-518-3049
Worshipful Master    
  Scott Kennedy email: phone / text: 619-517-2761
Senior Warden    
  David Gillette email: text messaging: 503-777-7842
Junior Warden    
  Joseph Aguirre email: text messaging: 503-484-3620
  Eric Headley email: phone: 503-927-9552
Web Administrator
  Scott Kennedy email: phone: 619-517-2761
 Please contact Scott Kennedy to use the lodge building for any purpose.

Tresleboard List

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Cornerstone Lodge is accepting Scholarship Applications for individuals seeking assistance in pursuing post-secondary education.
Download the application using this link. Submit applications by the methods described in the form.